Early in 2013, Claire from DSD FX Studios was tapped to join the makeup department on a new media series being filmed in Portland called “The Record Keeper.” It is a spectacular rendition of what is known as “The Great Controversy,” or the split of angels from heaven, but set in a steampunk universe. Produced in association with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, this project utilized talent from up and down the west coast. It is currently slated for release in February of 2014. In the mean time, the official teaser is available here, with additional BTS videos and interviews with the cast, director, and producers on YouTube. Created by Jason Satterlund, Rajeev Sigamoney, and Garrett Caldwell. Starring Lindsay Frame, Dennis Hill, Gilberto Martin del Campo, JoonSoo Ham, Aris Juson, and Jelynn Sophia.

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